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Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency 
• AIA Palm Beach 2021
Award of Merit for Design Excellence Civic or Institutional

301 Datura Street Project is a 2-story office building located in the heart of downtown West Palm beach. The interior improvement project designed for the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) offers a large board room, offices, and a café, all within proximity to the Brightline and the social hub of Clematis.

The corrugated siding creates a dynamic shadow effect on the west façade, juxtaposing the open storefront on the east that engages natural light for the office spaces. The vibrant office walls emphasize the artistic atmosphere of downtown, and the retrofitted signage is now a blank canvas for public art. The flexible office layout on the second level provides eyes on the street and is flooded with natural light.

Adjacent to the 91 year old Harvey Building, 301 Datura strives to complement the context while offering a contemporary interior.

20200129_111452 VERSION2 - Copy.jpg
Second Floor Plan-02.jpg
First Floor Plan-01.jpg
existing conditions
version2PPT Template (Slides)_Artboard 2
version2PPT Template (Slides)_Artboard 2


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Isometric - 1.32 (with white background)
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