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Render 1 (Entry).jpg
Aqua Crest 

The Aqua Crest Aquatics Facility is a new public pool and athletic center in Delray Beach, Florida. The project is made up of flexible public space as well as a competition pool and dive well to host up to NCAA standard meets. The overall intent of the design is to create a place that accommodates the social needs of the community by using sustainable and resilient methods.


Exploded Isometric.jpg
Isometric Rendered.jpg
Render 3 (Ticket Entrance) compressed .j

site & context plan

Site Plans.jpg

concept diagram

Parti Diagram (Sketch).jpg

1st & 2nd floor plan

Labelled Plans.jpg

existing conditions/site analysis

Existing Conditions Map Analysis.jpg
Existing Condition Images.jpg

street view before and after


street view corner BEFORE-01.jpg


street view corner AFTER-01.jpg


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