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Hallway and Offices View.jpg
BRiC Amenity Center

The Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC), designed by the renowned Marcel Breuer during the 1960’s, has a plethora of opportunities for architectural upgrades.


The Amenity Center serves as one of the building’s new social hubs, allowing everyone to enjoy the flexible environment. The improved space helps to rewrite the narrative of the typical office workflow. Collaborative spaces with exciting colors and modern design increases productivity, creativity, and social connections.

Axonometric 30.60 To Ai (2.1 For Client)
proposed design
Conceptual Massing-01.jpg
conceptual massing
View from Conference Room_Work Space.jpg
  STEAM co-working space  
Views Axo Reference 2-01.jpg
render views

multi-use event space

Cafe View.jpg

café by day...

View inside Yoga Room.jpg

  yoga & fitness room  

View from Co-Working Space_Offices.jpg

  management office  

View towards Wine Bar and Open Meeting P

  wine  bar  

Food Service and Cafe.jpg

  food service & café  

Axonometric 30.60 To Ai (2.1 For Client)
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