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BRIC Residential
AIA Palm Beach 2018
Award of Honor for Unbuilt Residential

The BRIC Residential building strives to be the most sustainable residential tower in Boca Raton by integrating a trifecta of design strategies: social, environmental, and economic.


The proposal is ergonomically designed to stimulate the human senses that allow people to live happier and healthier lifestyles. We have created spaces that activate social interactions, allowing residents to actively build a stronger and more resilient community. Resiliency in BRIC goes beyond the social conditions—with a capacity for solar energy and water collection, the sustainable lifestyle fostered here can be a precedent for future development.

Project Total Square Footage:



Sustainable Axo Final Version.jpg
Macro Site Map-01.jpg
Site Model NE Slide with bruer bldgs-01-
Site Model NW Slide-01.jpg
Radiation Facade Analysis 3-01.jpg
render 3 courtyard looking up (reduced s
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