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Comvest_Lobby (birse_thomas)
Comvest Partners

Comvest Partners is a leading private equity and credit investment firm that has supported the capital needs of North American middle-market companies for more than two decades. Their new headquarters makes South Florida the company's second home. One of the company's core values focuses on establishing a collaborative, business-building approach with its partners and clients, and it was essential to carry out this concept throughout the design. 

The office is located in downtown West Plam Beach surrounded by impressive views, life, and culture. The 9' high glass fronts and the open spine organization for circulation and open offices allow all the meeting spaces, breakout areas, and offices to enjoy the city's panorama and take advantage of the natural light that floods the space.

The project is designed with a sophisticated aim where materials such as wood, brass, and veined countertops embody the overall personality of the company. Meanwhile, versatile furniture pieces and multiple artificial lighting strategies elevate the client's experience and enhance the workplace environment.

This complete design process of 31,000 SF of new office and amenity spaces brings this new business branch to life.

Comvest_Office (birse_thomas)
05-19-23_17 Floor_Rendered Floor Plan (1.16 Scale)-01.png
Comvest_Board Rm Render (birse_thomas)
Comvest_Board Rm (birse_thomas)

boardroom | rendering to reality


formal + informal session areas

Comvest_Open Office (birse_thomas)_edite
Comvest_Open Office Render (birse_thomas
Comvest_Open Office (birse_thomas)

open office | rendering to reality

collaborative spaces + open office

Comvest_Open Office Render 2 (birse_thomas)

open office | rendering to reality

more than meets the eye

Comvest_Cafe Barn Door (birse_thomas)
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