Hollywood Beach Golf Club

The project’s primary goal was to provide the highest
quality enjoyment of the golfing experience possible
to players of all ages and abilities with a state-of-the-art
and forward-thinking sustainable design. The full
proposal includes major renovations to the existing golf
course that was design by the renowned golf course
architect: Donald Ross. The original clubhouse and course
opened in 1924 but unfortunately over the years the structures wore down and their alterations took away from the original playing style of the classic course. Thus the need arose for a holistic design produced through collaboration with the city of Hollywood Beach, the local community and our design team.


This new clubhouse has been re-located in the SW corner of the course to reconcile the disrupted Donald Ross design as well as provide a state of the art golf club house and community center that supports the surrounding neighborhood.

This project integrates an array of passive design strategies and technologies to create an overall sustainable site by addressing issues like: air pollution, water pollution, seasonal flooding, water and energy conservation, and biodiversity restoration. 

anatomy of sustainability 

finding form

context and site analysis