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Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-02.jpg
Jenoptik -
office headquarters

Conceptual design of a modern office for a growing company called Jenoptik who specilizes in optical technology for electronics, life science and medical markets around the world.


Although catered to the this client, the beauty of this solution is that it's laterally applicable to almost any organization today who needs a physical office to operate. Maximizing the efficiency of space without compromising human interaction and daily opperations through a variety of planning concepts that we have developed over time.  

04-19-22_Floor Plan-01.jpg
22-005_Jenoptik_Design Deck_04-21-22 3.jpg
22-005_Jenoptik_Design Deck_04-21-22 4.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-04.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-07.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-06.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-03.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-11.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-05.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-08.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-10.jpg
Conceptual Rendering Package_04-07-22-12.jpg
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