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Northwood Mixed-use Midrise
AIA Palm Beach 2018
Award of Honor for Unbuilt Residential 

The urban fabric is ripe for renewal of a walkable urbanism fueled with residential program to further strengthen existing retail. Our project pioneers the climax development to achieve a complete neighborhood.

Designed with an emphasis on respecting neighborhood identity as embodied in it’s character, scale, and the community’s planning process, the Northwood Mixed-Use project bridges the vernacular embodied in the historic buildings and modern renovations which are home to over 70 unique art galleries, cafés, restaurants, shops and boutiques.

Designed to achieve LEED Gold certification, the project balances the need of our client, the neighborhood, and socially, as well as environmentally conscience design.

1.100 Axo Diagram (For PowerPoint)
Site Analysis v2-01-01.png
Second Floor Plan.png
Third Floor Plan.png
Ground Floor Plan.png
ground floor plan
second floor plan
third floor plan
east facade elevation
north facade elevation
typical studio apartment
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