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Oculus Surgical

The new facility pushes the envelope to form unique spaces and programs that reflect their innovative manufacturing process and progressive work culture. Intrigued by corporate trends happening in the US and in Europe, the owner setout goals to ensure their new state of the art manufacturing facility and US corporate headquarters dealt with the ever-changing makeup of the American workforce. 


Setting project sustainability goals and minimizing the energy loads with passive strategies and design interventions the project is close to approaching a Net Zero design. Energy worksheets and energy modeling were used to validate reductions in energy consumption compared to baseline projects. Renewable energy such as photovoltaic and geothermal elements are integrated into the building while sustainable stormwater management strategies, xeriscape landscaping, and well irrigation with rain sensing technologies extend sustainable thinking throughout the site.

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programmatic relationships

3-D department adjacencies

3-D programming and site development

site orientation options: east vs west 




office workspace

cafe with meeting pods

back porch dining area

back porch balcony

oculus on-site residential units: shipping container design

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