south florida clt
AIA Palm Beach + AIA Ft. Lauderdale 2017
Award of Honor for Design Excellence 

The new affordable and sustainable single-family infill homes were developed for a local non-profit affordable housing provider operating in Deerfield Beach. Five prototypes were developed for six scattered sites across a historically Bahamian-American neighborhood.


The primary challenge is to incentivize new home-ownership opportunities without displacing long-standing residents that have lived in the area for years and even generations.

Each prototype was designed and presented within an integrative design process with community stakeholders to ensure designs address the needs of neighborhood residents and meet strict thresholds of affordability as to target neighborhood median income level.


The homes are designed to exceed the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities rating system and imbed water efficiency and conservation, energy efficiency, non-toxic and locally-sourced materials, native landscaping, and passive-design strategies.

schematic floor plans